Shipmodels.lv is led by Vasilijs Jefimovs, former seaman, artist with over 30 year
model building experience. He holds several gold medals of Latvian
shipmodeling competitions. Also, he won several silver and bronze medals in
championships of former USSR, both with his RC-controlled and stand models.
His models are displayed in Kaliningrad's museum of history and art (Kaliningrad,
Russia), Lithuanian Sea Museum (Klaipeda, Lithuania), Museum of the History of
Riga and Navigation (Riga, Latvia) as well as in private collections in Latvia,
Russia, Germany and USA.
Our team consists of ship modelling enthusiasts with various backgrounds -
former seamen (including ex-soviet navy officer), computer designer, scientist,
carpenter, miller, jewelry master. Combining their knowledge and skills allow us to
make our models exceptional.